Best Tips to Protect Your Eyes From UV Damage in Summer Days

Best Tips to Protect Your Eyes From UV Damage in Summer Days

We all are aware of the negative effects of UV rays of the Sun on our skin. But do you know how chronic the effects of UV rays can be on your eyes? 
UV rays present in the warm sunshine is equally adverse for your eyes, not just on your skin. 


Tips to Protect Eyes From UV Rays in the Sun


1. Choose the Right Type of Sunglasses

Not all the sunglasses are guarded by the UV rays protection. So, you need to follow the right guide for picking up the UV protected pair of sunglasses. UV-A and UV-B rays cannot be prevented by the ozone layer from coming along with the sun rays. They are pretty harmful to the skin as well as eyes. Always select the sunglasses which are made to block both UV-A and UV-B rays. 


2. Sunglasses Wearing Tip

Even for short durations in the outdoors, do not forget to wear sunglasses. Sometimes when it is cloudy, we do not care enough to wear our sunglasses. This should not be the case, as UV rays can still penetrate the clouds. Hence, it is important that you wear them always when you are outside in the daytime.

Also, keep your UV protected sunglasses on, even if you wear UV protected contact lenses. 

3. Eyes Protection While Swimming

Chlorine presented in pool water removes the protective layer of the eyes, which makes the eyes more vulnerable for the harm of UV rays. To prevent the situation, better use goggles while your swimming sessions in the pool, this summer.


What are harms UV Rays can create on the eyes?


● Cataracts: Clouds the lens of the eye, which eventually damages the vision.

● Growths on eyes: Known as Pterygium or Surfer's Eyes, it causes abnormal growth on the eyes. They look pink or red in color. Pinguecula is another type of eye growth which causes yellow bumps on the conjunctiva.

● Eye Cancer or Intraocular Cancer: Melanoma and lymphoma are two common cancers that affect the eyes, majorly because of the exposure of the UV rays.

● Snow Blindness or Photokeratitis: Overexposure of UV rays of the Sun can cause painful loss to the vision, temporarily. Eye sunburn is one of the reasons for the disease. 
 So, it is prudent that you take extra measures for the protection of your eyes from UV rays of the Sun before it causes any major harm.


Additional Eye Care Tips for Summers


● Avoid going out in harsh sunlight during peak hours of the afternoon.

● Spending an extended number of hours under air conditioners in summer also causes dry eyes. Check your time with the AC or use eye drops that hydrate your eyes. Also, keep your eyes away from the AC vents in the car.

● Always remember to blink more, since blinking keeps the eyes hydrated and protected.

● The over-exposure to sand and water also makes eyes vulnerable to the side-effects of sunlight. Hence keep a check on your time in water and sand, this summer.



Taking good care of eyes and applying the above tips will help you to enjoy the summers fully. However, on the appearance of any major trouble with eyes, check with your eye doctor on time. Keep your eyes healthy and have fun this summer.

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